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About CPL Communities

About CPL Communities

CPL Communities is a learning and practice community for Art of Convening Graduates & allies to advance and scale convening as an expression of your purpose as a transformational leader. This private network brings graduates together to share our hearts and minds, best practices, and stretch ourselves as fellow thought and purpose leaders.  

Our Mighty Network brings graduates and other purposeful leaders together to share ideas, ask questions for fellow conveners, post your events, and more.

What is Convening? 

Convening is about relationship and a way of being and expressing your purpose. Purposeful leadership is intentional, a continuous process of becoming who all of you are meant to be as a whole person. 

Convening is about being in service to something greater than yourself and of benefit to the whole. Because you are always in relationship, you are never not convening.

About Center for Purposeful Leadership


We are on a mission to equip change agents, community champions and purpose-led leaders to transform themselves, their organizations and communities.

We’re purpose-driven. 

The Center for Purposeful Leadership aspires to have a Purposeful Leader in every organization creating thriving cultures of purpose, trust, respect and collaboration.

Since our founding in 1995, we have assisted thousands of clients in transforming themselves and their organizations, reaching the cutting edge of leadership, through our unique and highly effective trainings, coaching, customized programs and consultation services

Problems are solved; new ways of being discovered. We teach principles and practices for discovering purpose, engaging staff and exploring personal transformation to resolve the challenges that keep leaders up at night.

All of our programs are rooted in…

We have a full-proof methodology you can’t find anywhere else.

Responding to an ever-increasing need around the world for a reliable way to discover and develop a shared sense of purpose, the founders of CPL created a full-proof 9-step methodology and corresponding book called The Art of Convening (AoC), which have been utilized by thousands of organizational leaders in hundreds of companies all over the globe.

Our 9-step framework breaks through resistance to change and generates positive commitment in a short time. We have applied it with thousands of leaders over the past 25+ years. As a result, our clients embrace the mindset, model, and methods needed to transform the world. 

Take a positive step forward in your leadership today: get your copy of the Art of Convening book and work with us to make your greatest purpose and potential become reality. Contact us today.

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